Talent Concept

Human resources are the primary resources of a company, it is the fundamental for the survival of the company and the power for the development of the company. Tuozhan New Materials Co., Ltd adheres to the philosophy of attracting talents, training talents and developing talents, and strives to provide a good learning and training platform and broad development space for employees. We sincerely invite youthful and entrepreneurial elites to join us, to inherit the glorious tradition of Tuozhan and to continue to create a brilliant Tuozhan chapter!

Once hired by the company, we will provide you with a three-dimensional remuneration policy, comprehensive welfare and diversified training opportunities.#

Three-dimensional remuneration management
Give priority to efficiency with due consideration to fairness
Implement hierarchical management and adopt a variety of incentives
Our trade matching level is better than others in the market
Comprehensive welfare (employees’ insurances and benefits)
 Provide the necessary social welfare for employees in accordance
with national laws and regulations  
Supplementary medical insurance
Paid annual leave
Periodic health examination
Subsidies and allowances complying with the related regulations
A diversified training system
Induction training
Training for different classifications and levels
Certification training
Training for all kinds of business skills